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Controlled Environment Bedding Disposal Units Protect the Respiratory Health of Animal Care Workers

bioBUBBLE animal bedding disposal units are lightweight, portable units designed with the respiratory health of animal care workers in mind. Each unit draws bedding dust, dander, and allergens away from personnel and exhausts 99.99% HEPA-filtered air into the ambient space.

Continuous operation of the bedding disposal unit provides high levels of HEPA filtration to the surrounding area, greatly reducing airborne particulates and minimizing the opportunity for disease transmission throughout the vivarium.

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Softwall cleanrooms and containment enclosures are constructed using an anodized aluminum framework and

a durable, vinyl skin, and are powered by HEPA filtered air handlers with energy efficient fans.

Equipment is lightweight and easily modified as your needs change.

Solutions are available as benchtop enclosures, freestanding rooms, and architectural renovations

(wall-to-wall designs) to maximize your workspace.

You can even create clean and containment conditions within the same environment.

Each system is completely customizable and constructed in any size or configuration

to suit the specific needs of your space and research.


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