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Smart IVC’s


This is simply the system of the future because it has all the advantages of IVC but without the well-known disadvantages such as 24/7 power consumption (not really desirable these days), expensive maintenance, vibrations, ultrasound and more.

It is a very special experience to enter a mouse facility where you smell nothing and hear nothing.

This system means much less disturbance to the animals while the ventilation is simply superior to conventional IVC. As a result, “breeding” goes very well in these cages.

We even have an application where you hardly have to disturb litters with puppies.

Another advantage is that you can store almost twice as many cages per square meter, which saves space or saves costs.

To get an idea of the space savings, we can supply a drawing if desired.

There is a five-year warranty on everything.

The initial purchase cost is the lowest in IVC and no maintenance costs after that.

Continuous Confidence in
Your Research.

We meet the needs of the modern day institution, create an environment that protects both technician and animal, and support the speed in which you need to work. We believe supporting breakthroughs means creating systems that are reliable, robust, and resilient over time.

Highest Caging Density in the Industry

Optimize your facility space with the highest-density caging available. Our lean manufacturing and environmentally aware processes bring you efficiency, flexibility, and green-energy savings.

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