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Solid Drink®

Solid Drink®

Water is essential to life-sustaining biochemical and physiological processes. For long periods animals can survive without food, but after short periods without water, most animals will show substantially changes in metabolism, condition and behaviour (stress) and some of them will die. A popular way of watering animals is by supplying water replacements in a solid formulation.

Fluid balance

The body water contents are regulated tightly by controlling input (i.e. drinking, via impulses from the brain's thirst centre) and output (as an effect of the antidiuretic hormone ADH- on water reabsorption in the kidney). If animals cannot conserve water, losses will occur. If water is not available, the food intake will decrease and thus the body weight will decrease substantially. This process should normalise when water is supplied to the animals. In transportation the animals will arrive at their destination with a certain degree of dehydration.


Water replacement

Solid Drink® is originally designed as a solid water source to be used during shipment of animals and is nowadays used by most of the high standard animal breeders. The product contains only natural raw materials, is sterile and has a water contents of over 97%. By eating Solid Drink® during transport, animals will arrive at their destination with a minimum of weight loss and dehydration. Solid Drink® replaces water-bottles, perishable fruit- or potato parts, which are unreliable and insanitary watersources which only last a short time. In addition: by using Solid Drink® transport boxes will remain clean.

Recovery after surgery

Solid Drink® is also suitable as a water replacement for animals which have had surgery and are not able to stretch themselves to drink from the water nipples. Solid Drink®-Energy Bio, Solid Drink®-DeHyPrev Bio - Solid Drink®-DeHyPrev Vit Bio and Solid Drink® Diet Bio.


Solid Drink® is produced from only sterile and biological components. After production Solid Drink® is packed in air tight buckets and than irradiated.

X-Ray Irradiation

By Steris. Steris license number I-SZW/CK/VCR/KEW, no. 95/1040S, issued by the Dutch Ministry of social affairs and employment; The national and international Quality AssuranceSystem Standards: NEN-ISO 9002 and the EN 46002 (including EN 552), ISO 14001 (environment certificate).

The irradiation dose applied is controlled by Steris B.V. The calibration is carried out by Steris. Irradiation dose is equal to a minimum of 10 KGy guaranteed and certified with each delivery by an attached certificate corresponding with the delivered batch number(s).

Analysis report

Sterility tests are carried out by incubation of the product by an independent laboratory. Analysis reports available.

Data sheet Solid Drink®

Available under download section.

SDST-150 and SDDHP-75 bucket

Cups in bags

SDBU-75 bucket





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